Unleash the Beast in your TV

Beast TV offers 2500+ HD Premium Streams with Event Packages at 60fps,. Stream on up to 4 devices, starting at only $19.99 per month!

• User Friendly App
• Live Events
•24/7 Live Customer Service

Key Features

HD Streams

We strive to offer the highest quality streams in the market. You will not find our superior quality and fast loading streams elsewhere.

Live Events

All major live events are included in our service. Have confidence that you and your friends will be able to watch all events in HD.

Device Support

Beast TV can be used on a wide variety of devices including Fire TV, Android Box, iOS, Android Phones, M3U, and more.

TV Guide

Unlike other services, our streams are organized in the TV guide. See what's playing at anytime from our easy to use guide.

Choose a Package

No Contracts. Cancel Anytime.


  • 2500+ HD Streams
  • USA/CA/UK Streams
  • TV Guide
  • Live Events 60FPS
  • Web Player
  • No Contract or Credit Check

4 devices

$29.99 / monthly
  • 2500+ HD Streams
  • USA/CA/UK Streams
  • TV Guide
  • Live Events 60FPS
  • Web Player
  • No Contract or Credit Check



Larry U.

Beast TV Client

I found your website from reddit and thought I should just get a trial first. I was blown away by the loading speeds so I subscribed the next day.

Megan L.

Beast TV Client

I've been searching for a new provider and came across beastly. Let me say that you will not regret the purchase. There is so much to watch.

Jared C.

Beast TV Client

My family loves using this app. I can barely watch TV now because my kids are always stealing the remote! Also it is very easy to navigate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most accounts will be renewed or created within 1-4 hour. In some cases it will take up to 12 hours maximum. If it has exceeded 12 hours, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will resolve it right away.

Beast TV can be used on Fire TV Stick, Android Boxes, Android Phones, iOS Phones, Apple TV, MAG, STB, Perfect Player, and more. If you have a device listed here, contact us to verify it is supported.

A VPN is not required to use Beast in most cases, but it may help in the event that your internet provider is throttling the connection to Beast. Most do not need a VPN service.

Stream on 4 televisions/devices with a single account.

Setting up Beast is very simple. It depends on which device you have. To view our full setup guide please visit this webpage.

Yes, upon checkout you may select the XXX package.

We recommend no less than 15 MBPS to stream Beast without issues.

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